The Sugar Rant


Sugar is basically a poison. I know it tastes good, but in very simple terms it is the lone thing to eliminate from your diet if you want to stay healthy. All other diets and fad foods cannot hold a candle to the simplicity and doggone basic truth of the hows and whats of sugar. The facts are so plain and so easy to understand that I was shocked when it finally clicked in my mind. You will be shocked too, if you’ve never googled some basic facts about sugar and the rantings and ravings about how bad it is.


The first thing to learn is that regular table sugar is 50% glucose and 50% fructose. This seems like an inane and useless trivia fact. However, it is crucial to understand that all sugar is like this. The reason is that fructose is a god damn poison. Straight up, it is absolutely not good for you, it is worse than alcohol. Leave no uncertainty behind that fructose is not your friend. Fructose basically sneaks up on you and kicks you in the gut.


Some explanation is in order here. Glucose can be metabolized (read burned) by just about anything in your body. Fructose on the other hand can only be metabolized in the liver, and only into oil not burned. The oil then converts into fat. This is why people get soda bellies. However, the story is way worse than that. Alcohol (ethanol) is similar to fructose in so much that it is metabolized by the liver in the same way (think beer belly). However, alcohol can also be metabolized in the brain. Hence, getting drunk. Fructose cannot be seen by the brain. So eating this damn stuff is like drinking alcohol, but not getting a buzz. Any amount of fructose will taste sweet, but satisfy no hunger. Thus you could continually consume the poison without ever being satisfied or drunk. You could just gluttonously eat the stuff without end.


Ever hear of fatty liver disease? Here is a recipe for giving it to someone. Go buy about 50 to 100 lbs of fructose crystals. These are 100% fructose. Replace your targets table sugar with this stuff. Mix these crystals into everything they eat. Hell, even put small amounts of it in things you wouldn’t even put sugar in like vinaigrette, mayo, and bacon. If you can get 100 lbs of fructose into them, they will gain 100 lbs, but you gotta get it into them in just a few months. After consuming this much fructose in a couple of months they will definitely get fatty liver disease. Bonus, they will get a really fat belly. If you regularly drink soda, Surprise! this is being done to you right now!


(a link to 50 lbs of fructose for $100)




Oddly, regular corn syrup is just glucose. You can buy a brand called karo syrup that is sometimes used by diabetics specifically because there is no fructose mixed into it. Soda companies mix fructose into the corn syrup to up the sweetness of the soda. In other words glucose is not sugary enough. Pixie sticks are made from dextrose, a form of glucose. There are a scant few exceptions to the rule that sugar is 50% fructose. Sure, in honey, dates, and soda there is more fructose. Also, a few fruits have a little more glucose. However, all sugary items are at somewhere between 60/40 to 40/60 range. The rule of thumb is that unless you specifically know that it is glucose, then the sugary sweet is 50% fructose (read half poison).


The words ‘obesity epidemic’ and ‘sugar’ belong right next to each other with ‘fructose’ mixed in there liberally. They put sugar in just about every food out there these days and they put sugar in things you wouldn’t expect it to be in like salad dressing. It’s also mixed into items that you would think were healthy like protein bars. You think that peanut butter you’re eating doesn’t have sugar in it? How about granola, oh that’s good for you right? Even spaghetti sauce has damn sugar in it. Hell meat marinade recipes call for sugar, and some meat rubs are actually just fructose crystals!


When I began trying to eliminate sugar from my diet. I saw that it is mixed into everything! It is the one lone thing that is virtually impossible to obtain items without it mixed in. There are just a few items left. Heck carrots have sugar, so you can’t say vegetables and be 100% safe.


Here comes a fine point of the matter. If you read this far, I’ve got to give you some more material right. It has to do with peanut butter. Having not tasted the sugar added variety for over a year, I accidentally bought what I thought was the natural jar (ingredients: peanuts, salt). Nope this jar had a long list of stuff including sugar. This stuff is gross, absolutely disgusting. I just spat it out and threw the jar in the trash. In other words, after a year or so of not having sugar added into something it was unpalatable.


I’ll try to explain this fine point a bit better. The way it works is that abrupt changes in sweetness do not sit well on people. That in time one can adjust oneself to find the sweet taste disgusting. This adjustment of the palate is not a quick one, and can take years. An alternate way of explaining it is that I can now taste the sugar in carrots. I don’t remember being able to do that in the past.


I suspect that this sugar/sweetness palate thing works in reverse as well. That to acclimate yourself to sweet peanut butter you would have to add the sugar back in slowly. On a larger scale: Little known trivia is that japanese people do not like sugar mixed with rice. I propose that if you wanted to change this you would have to make the rice sweeter very very slowly. Over a decade one megalomaniac could fatten the whole country. Then godzilla would be able to catch them all!


I could not start a fad diet based on eliminating sugar from what you eat. Nobody can figure out how to make money from it. So maybe that is why the only resource for anti-sugar information is youtube videos and blogs. The idea is so simple, that it’s impossible to make a boatload of cash off of it. Also, if you think about it both the sugar industry and the fad diet industry would be ruined if this got out of pandora’s box en masse.


Think about it, you’re going to convince people to NOT buy a lot of stuff. How on earth are you going to profit from that? In summary the easiest (yet most difficult) and simplest diet that can be found out there is to stop eating sugar. Don’t take my word for it, do a quick google search. Lastly, you will find this diet simply freakin impossible to achieve 100% on, at best you’ll just make some other efforts easier.

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