I love my n95! It’s like I have a special phone out of a TV show. It took me months to figure out how to use it to it’s full abilities, but now it’s too damn easy. The trick is to figure out how not to waste time using it. There are trade offs that are made to have it, this is the sad story. All advanced phones are not the same. Each phone on the market today has different capabilities, so it is best to have different phones across different people.

The main reason I got it was the great camera it has. I did not know what I was getting myself into. There was too much functionality I didn’t know how to use. I understood that there are learning curves on these devices, but I didn’t grasp that there was also an intuition curve. I must admit I wasted way to much time learning how to use it to recoup the cost of time unless it lasts for a 18 months. If I had the correct instructions available for what I wanted I might have saved that precious time. This would really be nice, the only way I could do this is with youtube via a video blog.

I had to decide what exact accessories I wanted. I had to search forums and test software to ensure it did what it promised. Some of them didn’t do what they said. Some were pointless. Since the camera on the phone was so awesome I had to have Shozu. It took several days before I knew what Shozu was and how to use it. Only recently did I figure out that I can text myself an address from google maps. One let down is that I can’t send myself something in google maps for mobile.

Apparently a learning curve is part of all available phones on the market today. Each has a different abilities, having sacrificed some functionality for another. A group of people with different phones would function very well as a “battle-group”. Imagine this group! An iphone toting, macbook user. A blackberry person and a palm person with a dell laptop to each of them. An n95/n96 user with a laptop that dual boots with Linux. The point of such a group would be that each person would be able to take advantage of the functionality that the others couldn’t. Achem, diversity.

I’m still waiting for the phone that has an x-ray/Geiger counter/spectrometer bluetooth, a bluetooth blood tester, an atmospheric sensor inside, and a whole lot more nonsensical functionality. The problem would be that without some direction I wouldn’t know how to use the tool, and there’s no real good source of information on the phone itself. So I think I’m going to start on this one….

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