It’s not that I hate Apple, Apple hates me.

I remember the childhood story all to well. It was the story of how open and free ideas took down a giant called Apple. I grew up with a “PC” at home and Mac’s at school. It was just the way things were. Whenever I asked the question of why, the response was a hazy mishmash of words involving freedom, and choice. It made sense because I could never do what I wanted to on the dang machines. On the PC I could, albeit with strife, I could. Inevitably there was always a maze and it would take days to solve some problems but, if I wanted to I could. So the hodgepodge of words that didn’t make sense came alive in my mind through experience. If I tired hard, and used my noodle I could get rewards in the “PC” universe. In the Apple universe I would be told I’m not allowed to get rewards, and given a punishment. This punishment came in the form of a bomb cartoon.

The philosophy that took them down so long ago is what they still use. The company has not gone through a metamorphosis. It’s still the same company selling us an Apple II. Worse now that Microsoft now is on their side with the new Vista thing. I’m so frustrated with the whole fiasco I finally am giving Linux a try. It’s not that bad, but a story for another day.

The ipod, it’s so classy. Great ad campaign… I wanted one, but they kept getting better faster. I took a long hard look at the ipod, and still can’t bring myself to buy one. No matter how good the computer was itunes always slowed it down. Now today I don’t need one. The reasons are numerous. My phone can do store music too. The radio keeps me up on local events and plays music. A flash drive works out half of the details. Then there were some funny DRM issues? After a look at all these things what am I buying it for? Portability, ah I’m going to get a shuffle and hack it so I don’t have to put up with that pesky itunes. Well that’s a lot of work. I did actually have a shuffle once, and the rocky relationship ended when it broke.

The iphone; anticipation. I don’t know why the iphone reminded me of a Carly Simon song. It’s just good advice not to buy what the news tells you to. Imagine how broke we would be if everyone followed these buy crazes. I thought I would buy a 2nd generation iphone for sure. After seeing all the lockdowns I just couldn’t part with my cash. I just don’t want the device to be owned by someone else. So it’s AT&T and you’re locked into like it’s Verizon? You can’t tether if you want to, but that’ll be available later. They have new apps coming out every month so you can pay more. If you want a free one we’ve got a whole world full of hackers trying to crack into the thing. I gave up and got a Nokia n95 and I love the thing to death!

The i-majority is where it’s at. I remember a statistic that roughly only a third of the population uses computers. This is to state that the vast majority of the populace is not computer literate. To some people this is a sorry state of affairs, but to Apple I would say: BOON! Sure they have great software for people who don’t use computers. Sure I’d recommend it to all my relatives that want me to be their support person. Sure I’m glad that Apple has classes on how to use them. All the selling points are there.

Imagine if Apple was around when we were making computers with gears and card decks. Let’s say we know how to do something crazy on paper, and I want that crazy idea in a programmatic form. Apples philosophy would stifle any bit of creativity that was brought forward by our idea. This philosophy is in work today. It’s not that I hate Apple, Apple hates us. The Evidence for this is subtle, and on shaky ground because the company has adapted to these kind of problems. In the end I do dearly want a computer to work like an Apple and never mess up, but I can’t sacrifice the future for it. Progress doesn’t come from staying inside the lines.

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