EVE, automation… How to.

I occasionally play this game for uber-nerds online. It’s called EVE and it’s kinda slow sometimes, and very difficult to play. So here’s the plan to make it a little easier to play.

Step 1: Install Virtualbox an awesomely powerful software.

Step 2: Set up a windows virtual computer. I had to make it a 20 gig virtual computer. You’ll have to figure the software out, and this step may take you a few hours if you’re not familiar with the software… It took me 3 tries to get it right. This is the most difficult step because you’re going to have to obtain a good copy of windows that you actually do own.

Step 3: Configure the virtual computer to run in seamless mode. Yeah, I know this one is a little esoteric, but hey it helps not having to click that dang right control key every time you want to use it.

Step 4: You’ll run into some difficulties with the graphics, so you’re going to have to figure out how to get the video drivers to install properly. I had to boot the virtual machine in safe mode and run an install of some software that connected it to the hardware so that it could display the eve client… but I forgot what it was. Just remember that the client won’t run unless you figure out how to get it access to the hardware. Also, make sure the settings gives the virtual computer at least 64 MB of video memory, 512MB of ram, and 3d acceleration.

Step 5: Install EVE, this may take an hour or two.

Step 6: Make sure that EVE can run, you may still need to do *blank*. Your grapics card may not be supported or some random problem that makes the client not run, or run incorrectly. You’ll probably spend a long time banging you’re head against a wall… but eventually your forehead will break bricks.

Step 7: Install Autohotkey

Step 6: Configure the virtual computer, install updates, just clean it up a little. It’s like a brand new computer running on your desktop. Make it easy to use.

Step 8: Start building AutoHotKey scripts to do all those damn tedious tasks in EVE that you don’t want to do, and set them to hot keys.

Now you’re set, you can play eve in the background… albeit, it will reduce your productivity because multi-tasking is so 90’s.

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