Conspiracies, in General, are Phony

I have this grandiose conspiracy theory. It’s so intricate that you’ll know it’s got to be true. The details have been kept hidden up until this time. Since you’re reading this, I must tell you to keep the detail to yourself and don’t tell a soul. If this was to get out the world would fall apart. Everybody would just stop and the world would set still. Here it is: Conspiracy theories are a conspiracy, they are made to keep you afraid, albeit hating and bitter. These postulates are meant to keep the masses concentrated on what has been done wrong to them. While they focus on that more wrongs can be done to keep the cycle in place.

It takes a while to settle in, and it’s hard to accept. It’s very difficult to let go of the hate. It’s very difficult to set it down. These thoughts are there to cause friction in your mind, they’re circuitous, hate breeding, and most of all they lead nowhere. In all essence, a conspiracy theory is the human equivalent of an animal chasing its’ tail. Conspiracies are as non-existent as international assassins, or that car that runs on water.

If the last paragraph is unacceptable to you then this one will hurt. This is the ultimate in being a better person, don’t hate on a group of others, start your own conspiracy. If you still cling to the hateful diatribes, try it yourself. You will find constructing a conspiracy a much more enriching experience. Also, it will be much more difficult than you could imagine.

I have tried constructing my own conspiracies, and it is immensely difficult even on small tasks. The point to be taken from the exercise is that those who talk about conspiracies are those that have not been there. This is somewhat like the expression: Those who can’t teach.

The goal in mind should be to be more constructive, try to enrich your life and others. Conspiracy theories are just another form of hate, which will keep anything positive from coming your way. People in general don’t like being around bitter, sour individuals. That’s why some spiritual hooey like “The Secret: The law of attraction” can flourish. We all know that being near somebody that is too happy also has deleterious effects.

Again, reiterated for those of us who espouse these strange curious statements of gloomy bleak futures. I have a challenge you aren’t up to: Make your own conspiracy! I have a second challenge you aren’t up to: Be a positive influence on those of us around you! If you can say “Conspiracies are Phony” you probably shouldn’t have read this.

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