Conquering a fear is easy, conquering a hate is the difficult job

For a long time, I had the fear of putting my own face up on the servers. Didn’t want other people to know who I was, or what I was doing. There was a desire for privacy, and I wanted to keep my life private from the world. I needed to control what was known about my life. When it came to the internet I was ok handling it as long as I didn’t have to put my face on it. There were many reasons for this fear, but I’m sure anybody with an imagination can conjure up a few of them. The fact still remained that all of the reasons were, and still are, fear based. This is definitely not a good thing.

About a year ago I set out to conquer any fear I had. To name a few things that have come up; spiders, theft, telling people what I do for a living, gold diggers, socialism, and children (yes short humans under 10 years old). If the list is allowed to grow, surely I would become a bitter person. For self improvement slowly over the past years time I have, step by step, been trying to conquer fears.

I crushed my fear of a face on the internet, but something stopped me from putting my knowledge via blog into the server cloud called the internet. The short of it is simple, a fear turned into a hate. Now it should be said that conquering a fear is easy, conquering a hate is the difficult job. I finally conquered this hate last night, no elaboration.

This is the inception notice of this blog. Growth will be organic, and not acquisition based. No roots from the seed of a fear will take part. We have a lot of work to do, and no time.

Projects & Links

Colonize the Moon
About moon/mars/asteroid colonies and space stuff

Computer Dungeon
linux/raspberry-pi/bitcoin and computer stuff

A video upload server I coded myself