Check for bullet holes in the window, before signing a contract

My work environment doesn’t afford me much sun. So a compromise for this is what I refer to as “fake-n-bake” or tanning beds. It’s relaxing and I get a tan, everybody has to have their things. This story starts out when there was this great deal at $10 a month at a place just down the street from where I live. I checked it out, made sure that things were in order before going to the place.

From the start things were funny. It wasn’t operated like other tanning salons. One day I noticed a .38 bullet hole in the window at waist level. I though about it, and concluded that maybe I had made a mistake. It takes making a lot of people mad to find the idiot who would fire a 38 into a public establishment.

I finished my 4 month contract, and summer came and went. When fall hit and I was turning pale again I began to research what deals I could find on tanning salons again. It was then that I realized that my suspicions were correct. They are now attempting to extort me out of $150. Funny when I was willing to pay $50 a month for a year. I am a fairly obstinate person, and generally don’t give into pressure especially when my wallet is involved. So I have no intention of letting my mental health be deteriorated by a fraudulent company. I decided to find another place to take my business; I have spent in excess of $300 over 6 months at another local place.

It was just the other day that I was in a conversation with someone else in a similar situation. It should not have been a surprise, but it was clear that I had made a mistake in dealing with the company. The moral of the story is that you should always check for bullet holes before signing a contract. Not actual bullet holes, but metaphoric bullet holes.

“At The Beach Tanning” will attempt to put items on your credit report fraudulently long after you have been a member. It was a very bad and stupid mistake to have done business with them. I hope you read this or another warning and do not do business with them.

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