Bookmarks, Rethinking the Web Browser: Mastering Firefox like a Ninja 3

This blog can be said in one word: Delicious. Basically, go sign up for delicious and add the Firefox add-on. There’s not much to it. I could extol the virtues, I could blab about the concept of social bookmarking, but the basic point is that the issue is solved simply by Delicious.

If you actually decided to use Xmarks you may be content with the bookmark sync that it uses, but redundant systems are always good when they’re compatible. With Delicious you’re totally dependent on the cloud, and you can access your bookmarks from anywhere, but the sidebar makes it very convenient.

There are only a few tips that I have, as this post is completely simple. If you’re going through these articles this one should take a several days to work out completely. If you only work from a single computer this should take about an hour or so to complete.


It is very convenient to have a set of tags that sit at the top of your delicious sidebar, you can use numbers to keep them at the top. Mine are 1Common, 2WorkRelated, 3Money, 4Fun, etc.

You can set your twitter, or facebook, or whatever to post your new bookmarks. Watch out because some bookmarks you may not want to be public.

For some reason Xmarks will not remember my Delicious Password.

Use the Xmarks bookmarks sync as a redundant system (not as the primary).

Annually audit your bookmarks for old junk you don’t want.

Delicious Firefox Addon

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