About Me – Phillip Moxley

Hello, my name is Phillip Moxley


If you are here looking for information on me this would be the place to start. The menu above links to my typical social accounts.


Project links are on the right.


I moved my linux/raspberry pi projects to Computer-Dungeon.com. This way I can keep this site about myself, and not cluttered with such things.


I’m an aerospace engineer, and I guess you could say that I am ambitious. I actually became an aerospace engineer because I’m extremely passionate about space. That other place up in the sky. If you get me started in a conversation about space I can prattle on for days. At any given time I have about a dozen small projects going on, it’s been this way since I was a kid. I like to pretend that every project loosely relates to getting into outer space in some way, but they don’t.


If you want to know more on my thoughts, about space visit Colonize-The-Moon.com.


I currently work in the aircraft industry designing aircraft parts for various companies. It’s not as exciting as you would think, interesting is a better description. Most people don’t know that every part on the aircraft that we fly has armies of people obsessing about the smallest details.


Often engineers have difficulty in communication. This is also especially true of rocket scientists who want to go into space. This website started out as part of a self-improvement effort in communication. I can honestly say that the website did not help much. However, I did eventually find ways to improve. I recommend any engineer or space-buff search for ways to upgrade their communication skills no matter how misguided the efforts may seem, the rewards are there.


Other things about me:


…Never paid for cable-television, and I’m proud of it. Except for that one time they forced me pay for a package to get internet, but I didn’t even have a TV then.


…Had a smartphone (n95) before it was cool, and now I prefer dumb phones. I’m generally hard to get a hold of.


…No, I don’t have a facebook, and I don’t even use my twitter that much, but somehow I have a google plus?


…Really into space colonization (or space development). Made a website/book about my thoughts on it.


…Used to play strategy games when I was a kid, but not into games any more. Played EVE once, but thats way too much of a time waster.


…Sports? No.


…My birth certificate says yolo on it. No joke. Well, it is funny, but it’s true.

Projects & Links

Colonize the Moon
About moon/mars/asteroid colonies and space stuff

Computer Dungeon
linux/raspberry-pi/bitcoin and computer stuff

A video upload server I coded myself